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Welcome to Formula One Rejects - where we salute those at the back of the F1 grid, and give them the recognition they deserve!

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26th August
We give Ricciardo's win and the Merc machinations short shrift and instead pontificate about Bernie's settlement, the Verstappen signing, and the swapsies at Caterham and Marussia in our Belgium GP podcast. Plus an exciting announcement about the Russian GP!

21st August
Another 2014 season comment! This time we take aim at everyone's favourite Swiss team, and ask why things are going wrong for Sauber this year. Read our thoughts here.

10th August
In our latest 2014 season comment, we join in the debate about F1's current identity crisis and wonder if the answer is really to ask why we all fell in love with motorsport in the first place, and what we can learn from that. Find the article here.

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COMING UP: New driver profile + Pease/Lola updates
Check out our latest 2014 season comment
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Check out our latest 2014 season comment

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The major focus of this site: full biographies of the least successful drivers in Grand Prix history - including pictures, sounds and statistics. Detailed reviews of the current Grands Prix, plus other articles - the most opinionated (and articulate) F1 commentary on the net! Also a Links section.
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By popular demand: we profile F1's least successful teams. Whether poor chassis, bad engine, or psycho team principal - they're all here! We hand out awards to the Best of F1's Worst: Formula One's most stupid, bizarre or embarrassing moments ever are here...punch ups, collisions, hairdos - the lot.
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Here F1 Rejects talks one on one with the stars of our site, including a World Exclusive chat with one of the forgotten men of Formula One! See details of our Honda Acronym Competition here! Plus see poll results, read our F.A.Q. and more! Please also sign (or just read) our Guestbook.

Reject of the Race Featured picture
Reject of the Race Featured picture
2014 Italian GP - Ferrari
Bad choice of race for internal war & Alonso DNF
Formula E driver line-up, Beijing
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