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Current F1 Articles
2014 Season Comment Sauber's Identity Crisis

With 8 races remaining, Sauber will need a miracle to avoid having their worst season in F1. Is it just a recalcitrant car and a mediocre power unit? Or is the problem much deeper than that?

2014 Season Comment Dreamcatcher Formula

Amidst all the navel-gazing at the moment about F1's identity crisis and apparent declining popularity, we wonder if the question we really should be asking is why we love motorsport in the first place.

2014 Season Comment HAM-fisted

Tensions between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg boiled over at Monaco. We look at the role played by the media and by Hamilton's mind-management, and ask if it really was a feud we had to have.

2014 Season Comment Friendly Fire

Were the new rules responsible for the thrilling Bahrain GP? In this 2014 season comment, we think it had more to do with the number of team-mate battles and what that means for strategies this year.

2014 Season Preview 2014 Season Preview

Chaos looms at the Australian GP. Is this the end of the world as we know it? Far from it; this might just be the rejuvenation F1 needs. We pick out 14 things to get excited about for season 2014.
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Other Articles
F1 in 2011 After 12 seasons, 215 Grands Prix with Minardi, Jaguar, Williams and Red Bull, and 9 wins, Mark Webber has left Formula 1 for sports cars. Just how good was he? We assess his F1 career and his strengths and weaknesses as a driver.
Marking Webber
Aussie Grit's F1 Career

Porsche's Epic 1991 F1 Fail 22 years after one of the great sports car marques tried to tackle F1 with an engine that was overweight, underpowered and unreliable, here's the story of the sorry saga and why Porsche hasn't been tempted to try F1 again.
Unfancy Footwork
Porsche's Epic 1991 F1 Fail

F1 in 2011 As McLaren begins it's 19th season in association with Mercedes-Benz, we look back on their disastrous dalliance with having Nigel Mansell in their driving ranks at the beginning of 1995, and why it all went so wrong.
The Wrong Fit
Mansell's McLaren Melodrama

Minardi's 2004 Minardi Test Pastor Maldonado's stunning and surprising victory in the 2012 Spanish GP prompted us to look back at the first time he drove an F1 car - in a particularly bizarre liquorice-allsorts Minardi test at Misano at the end of 2004.
A Motley Crew
Minardi's 2004 Misano Test

F1 in 2011 The 2011 F1 season has started in sensational fashion, with the Pirelli tyres, KERS and the DRS creating more on-track action than anyone can recall. But is the racing too artificial? F1 Rejects provides its editorial comment.
F1 in 2011 is Unreal!
But is it too unreal?

The winner takes it all Less than 2 weeks before the start of the 2009 season, the FIA announce the Driver's Championship will be decided by wins, not points. While that decision looks to have been deferred until 2010, we outline why it's a dumb idea anyway.
The Winner Takes It All
F1 Rejects Editorial Comment

Talladega Nights 2006 was a watershed year for NASCAR. Will Ferrell spoofed it, and Juan Pablo Montoya joined its ranks. Which is the greater farce? Our review of "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" aims to dissect the latest low-brow comedy from the US...
“Talladega Nights”

Talladega Nights Review The most submitted name to F1 Rejects can never get a full profile on this site, because he scored too many points - but that doesn't stop us writing this feature on him, and the disastrous year he spent at McLaren! The man: Michael Andretti. The year: 1993.
Pride or Prejudiced?
Michael Andretti's 1993

Remembering Roland San Marino GP, 1994: The Race Where Senna Died. With the 10th Anniversary of that race upon us, we remember the other F1 driver who lost his life that weekend, Roland Ratzenberger, and look back at his career.
Remembering Roland
4 July 1960 - 30 April 1994

Who Barred Jacques? Suzuka, 2003: former World Champion Jacques Villeneuve doesn't attend, knowing he has been dumped for the following season by BAR, congenitally intended to become "his" team. Who was to blame? We point the finger...
Who Barred Jacques?
A Controversial Opinion

To Have Loved And Lost - The 1967 South African GP On January 2, 1967, the Formula One world came within a hair's breadth of one of its greatest upset victories ever: John Love, a local, a privateer and aged in his mid-forties, led the GP with the chequered flag only laps away...
To Have Loved and Lost
The 1967 South African GP

Risky Business: The TWR Arrows Story 96-02 In 2002, the team with the most GP entries without a win collapsed in disgrace. The man at the helm? Tom Walkinshaw. We look at Arrows' TWR years, and uncover how a team so entrenched in F1 ended up in the toilet.
Risky Business
The TWR Arrows Years 96-02

Ivan The Terrible - Capelli's 1992 We look at Ivan Capelli's 1992 - just 10 years ago, Ferrari was in the doldrums with a car unable to win, and often unable even to see the chequered flag, while in 14 starts for Ferrari, Capelli's average grid position was just above 11th.
Ivan The Terrible
A Ferrari Nightmare: Capelli's '92

Monza to Suzuka - The Ferrari Saga 1979-2000 Despite delivering only 2 pole positions, 4 fastest laps, and one GP win in his 201 starts, there was something special about Jean Alesi. We endeavour to discover exactly what it was that made him different from the rest...
Jean Alesi: An Appreciation
200 Grands Prix Not Won

Ukyo Katayama's 1994 We remember him for all the wrong reasons, but we forget his one brilliant season. It's time to take an in-depth look and set the record straight. This article shows why Nigel Roebuck called Ukyo "the most improved driver of 1994".
The Rising Son
Ukyo Katayama's 1994

Monza to Suzuka - The Ferrari Saga 1979-2000 In this extensive article, we examine why Ferrari, with its unlimited resources, failed to win a World Drivers Championship for so long. We look in-depth at these 21 years, one of sport's greatest losing streaks - from Monza, 1979 to Suzuka, 2000.
The Ferrari saga 1979-2000
Monza to Suzuka

The Three Amigos, Street Race, Burt R Blasted by the critics for an abysmal script and total lack of realism, F1 Rejects takes a look at Sylvester Stallone's CART-based movie. So, a reject film, or unfairly condemned? The truth lies somewhere inbetween...
“Driven” Review

A visit to Monaco F1 Rejects editor Jamie McGregor got the chance to visit the principality in mid-January 2001. This is his account of the day-trip from Nice, a chance to follow in the wheel tracks of F1's greats, and see the famous track in the flesh, rather than on television...
A visit to Monaco

Jones; Daly's gearbox; Alboreto 8w is F1's best detective game - determining the Who, What, Where, When and Why of obscure Grand Prix photos. Here is our winning 80s entry where the subjects were Derek Daly, Michele Alboreto and Alan Jones.
Our 8w Millenium Entry

Langes, Badoer, Kennedy Which driver has the most DNPQs under his belt? Who has the most races without even a point? How about most podium finishes without a win, or most consecutive DNFs in a season? Find out these and other such stats here...
Reject Statistics

Prost, Button, Lotus Here we present even more Formula One related articles, but these are written by you - our readers! Each piece is has a reject-related topic, from bad cars to drops in driver form. If you'd like an article here, just email us!
Submitted Articles

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