Nationality Italian
Years in F1 1990
Team Principal Ernesto Vita
GP Entries 14
Best Result DNPQ (32nd)
San Marino, 1990

Life appropriated a chassis from FIRST's stillborn Grand Prix venture to showcase their radical W12 engine in F1. All they showcased was how useless the engine actually was, and what a farce the team's own entry also was.

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Last updated: 13-January-2003

Career Summary
Nbr Grand Prix Car 1 Car 2
Drivers: Gary Brabham, Bruno Giacomelli
1 USA GP, Phoenix DNPQ
2 Brazilian GP, Interlagos DNPQ
3 San Marino GP, Imola DNPQ
4 Monaco GP, Monte Carlo DNPQ
5 Canadian GP, Montreal DNPQ
6 Mexican GP, Mexico City DNPQ
7 French GP, Paul Ricard DNPQ
8 British GP, Silverstone DNPQ
9 German GP, Hockenheim DNPQ
10 Hungarian GP, Hungaroring DNPQ
11 Belgian GP, Spa DNPQ
12 Italian GP, Monza DNPQ
13 Portuguese GP, Estoril DNPQ
14 Spanish GP, Jerez DNPQ

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